Where are our children?

Since now more than 800 boys and girls have been living in the Center for 6 to 10 years.

They all agreed : « We found here the family we needed .»

Stephanie Wazen works in a restaurant and goes to the university:«Thanks to the Center I’ve learned how to manage with different situations.»

Karim el Khoury, photographer, would like to work in the Center: : «The teachers are our mums!»

Mike Medawar wants to spend his time helping the Center as well as the children: « The Center is a blessing for all of us, it changed my life and made me the man I am today; I only wish if it can be maintained very well for the upcoming generations .»

Elie Nasser et Khalil Dagher : «We were a big family and our educators were doing their best to teach us about living again.»

Rodrigue Nehmé is a theater student at the Lebanese University. He would like to help by giving acting courses to the children «My life was absolute hell before joining the Center; I was 6 years old and I’ve lived there the best years of my life.»

Rachelle Rouphaël Sakr  is graduated in computer science : «We’ve been living in peace receiving a lot of human warmth, love, and care.»

Philippe Saliba an international fashion expert and his sister Rita, a beautician, encourage the children of the Center to enjoy the moments that they spend at the Center before entering their professional life.

Most of them went on with:

  • College degrees, self paid by part time employment;
  • Technical training in specialized schools or by mentorship.

Their first and more important advice to all children who live in the Center Mar Semaan : «Enjoy your stay at the Center and don’t give up whatever happens; future is full of problems and difficulties that you cannot face alone. You’ve got a chance you must not spoil it.»

« Don’t give up, you taught us how to smile, how to laugh, how to live.»