Our Needs

The needs are those of a normal family composed of school-age children.

They include:

  • Food: Making sure that all of the one hundred children as well as the staff have a healthy and balanced diet: this includes 3 full meals and a snack per day. The most basic food products such as milk, bread, cereals, meat, chicken, fish, food cans, milk products, fruits and vegetables, oil, eggs… are therefore needed. This requires a kitchen infrastructure in order to cook and serve.
  • Clothing: Insuring a basic wardrobe to 100 children (boys and girls) aged 4 to 16
  • Education: School fees are about 60,000$ per year, taking into account discounts from the school in Baskinta. These fees do not include books and school supplies
  • Transportation: Providing children with transportation from their residence to their school but also to the coast twice a month for family visits, as well as any other ride required for activities and trips.
  • Medical coverage: Providing children with a medical insurance and a medical follow up
  • Staff wages: 20 people work full time with the children thus insuring the quality of the living environment which is essential for the survival of the institution.