Where are they from?

A social services agent collects information on children between 4 and 15 years old coming from dysfunctional environments and whose families are :

  • unemployed
  • below poverty level
  • struggling with diseases
  • dealing with family crisis
  • separated by death of a family member
  • disturbed by a notorious delinquency environment:
    • drugs
    • physical abuse
    • sexual abuse (rape, incest)
    • crimes and misdemeanors.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you know children who need us.

Action plans are simultaneously drawn up at two levels:

1. At the child level:

  • distancing the child from the family framework which destabilizes him/her
  • being entirely in charge of the child (housing, food, education, psychological and medical follow up

2.  At the family level:

  • helping the family to find a solution in the event of unemployment of one or both parents
  • helping the family to find the necessary resources to remedy the problems of physical and mental health.